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Dear visitor, reader,

Great to see u here reading this.

My name is Delshad Idris Ali, and I am writing to introduce myself and discuss a potential opportunities for collaboration. I completed my studies in social studies at University in The Netherlands. Over the years, I have gained extensive experience by working in both social and commercial sectors across various fields. One of my notable initiatives was, a project focused on sustainable solutions for the world and society and cost-saving strategies. Our services aimed to help individuals and businesses save money and improve efficiency. Through tests and research, we were able to identify areas where costs could be reduced sometimes through simple adjustments and activities.

I strongly believe that this model can be applied universally, but I also see great potential in focusing on specific target groups such as companies and wealthy individuals. The plan I have in mind involves a detailed approach, supported by professionals in the field. We are highly appreciative of any assistance provided. Lets make all together changes.

What motivates me to pursue progress in the social-commercial sector is the opportunity to make a difference. On the social front, I am driven by a desire to meet personal needs and emotions of customers, as well as contribute to the betterment of society. On the commercial side, I aim to reduce costs for customers in the market, thereby redirecting the savings back into the community. By employing effective strategies, we can positively impact both commerce and society.

Now, you may be wondering why I have chosen Switzerland as the location for this endeavor. The reasons are abundant. Switzerland serves as a model country, admired for its cleanliness, government efficiency, and political and economic stability. Also the Dutch concept of “Poldermodel,” which emphasizes collaborative work towards a common goal, resonates strongly with this venture. Working together with the right professionals in such an exemplary country presents the ideal circumstances for success. Furthermore, Switzerland’s status as an attractive hub for wealthy individuals and investors adds another layer of potential to our approach. There are certainly other places that could pose similar challenges, such as Monaco, Cannes, Dubai, or where ever various regions in, which we are open to exploring as well. Support or attracting wealthies which is good in them advances as good for the countries economy and better future.

At the core of this initiative is a deep-rooted desire to make a positive impact, not just for ourselves, but for our fellow human beings, nature, and the future generations. To briefly outline our plan, we envision collaborating with the right people and companies to identify cost-saving opportunities. By leveraging our services, customers can achieve financial advantages, and we can collectively decide how to give back to society, with a specific emphasis on sustainability.

We have a wide range of services we can offer, including property/position mediation, product research, and financial analysis. Through our thorough research and comparison, we aim to differentiate ourselves from other agencies in the market. We strive to provide attractive investment opportunities, accept donations, and welcome sponsorship for community and infrastructure development projects. Furthermore, we are dedicated to understanding our customers’ desires for societal and global improvements, aligning our services to their visions. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

In conclusion, I firmly believe that our “Bestway Agency” holds the key to unlocking new possibilities in the market. We are committed to conducting comprehensive market research and analysis, delivering exceptional services, and fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. By joining forces, we can navigate this journey together and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. I am available for further discussion or to provide any additional information you may require. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity of collaborating with you and making a positive impact in our society and beyond.

Yours sincerely,

Delshad Idris Ali


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